You are a ruby!!!Β 

This blog is NOT gonna sound like me. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think like this, I just never voice it… or type it in this case. 

If you have noticed, I always post about becoming the perfect wife or the perfect wife material. It is always about how to better improve. How to better be better. 

It’s not that I don’t think I am good enough… It’s just that I like to think that there is ALWAYS ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. I know how I look. I know how I think. I know what annoys people. I know what’s attractive. I know… 

But I also know that I am beautiful in my own way. I also know that I am smart. I also know that I am kind. I also know that I am a good woman of God. AND GOSH I KNOW THAT ONE DAY I WILL BE AN AMAZING WIFE AND KICK BUTT MOTHER!!!! I just know. 

But I like living my life looking for ways to improve myself… To improve my walk with God. I wanna be the best Esli I can be.

I just wanted to explain before you think I am super cocky! I promise you I am not. 

So in this post I wanna talk to you about Proverbs 31:10.

When talking to my single ladies, I always hear a “why”. “Esli, why am I still single?” 

I never know how to answer it. I mean, I hang out with these girls and I honestly do not know why they are still single. Some of these women are on fire for the Lord. Some are serving Him day and night! Some are better prayers warriors than me. 

A couple of weeks ago… I went on this intensive seeking of my Father. I had that question. 

“Papa, why am I still single?”

For two weeks I prayed and prayed and asked and asked. 

Then I read a Bible verse I have read a MILLION times before… I literally have read this verse SEVERAL times and I never really got it until a few days ago. 

Let’s study the verse shall we? 

Proverbs 31:10 (NLT) says:

“Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies.”

Ok let’s start with the first part of the verse it says:

“Who can FIND a virtuous and capable wife?” 

Did you see the word FIND? It’s key to my whole point of the post. It doesn’t say that God is gonna give a good wife. It doesn’t say that God has a good wife for the guys. It says WHO CAN FIND… 

So I went to all the translations I can get my hands on and all of the translations said FIND. 

To get a virtuous and capable wife THE GUY NEEDS TO FIND HER. 

I am not gonna get into the virtuous and capable part because that would be like a whole series of posts that I am actually praying about so I know what to write…

Ok now… Let’s go to the second part of the verse. It goes:

“She is more precious than rubies.”

Did you know that NATURAL rubies are SUPER hard to find? I was goggling about it and it is so rare to actually find them that instead there are SEVERAL places where they recreate the reactions of the minerals to obtain the “ruby”. 

According to Gods word, a virtuous and capable wife is more precious than a rock that is worth a bunch of money and it is super hard to find.

Ok ladies!!! 

This is where you need to pay attention. 


And by striving I mean preparing yourself to be just like that wife is being described even tho you don’t have a husband or children yet.







Just like a super rare ruby, you need to be found. 

Pray that God opens the eyes of the guy. So that he can truly see that you are worth more than a bunch of rubies! 

And if the guy you want decides to let go something better than a ruby, in this case you, then you let him go and get an igneous rock. It’s his choice. 

A guy that knows about the good stuff will recognize your worth. Wait for him… Pray for him.

I love you ladies!!! 



Dear Future Husband…

Yo! Dear future husband,

I am 33. I just turned 33 a few days ago. I am not gonna lie… I am kinda freaking out you are not around. I am not sure at all if I already met you. I am not dating anyone. There are a few guys that keep texting me but neither of them seem to really want anything with me… or at least not that I know of…

Are you one of them? Do I know you? Are we friends? 

I don’t know why or how but several people… mostly men…have added me on Facebook and tell me that I am beautiful and blah blah blah… maybe they want me to help them get a green card or they want me to give them money. Don’t worry! I am not engaging with any of them! 

So… 2017 is almost here… a few days from here! Wow! Crazy huh? I still think 1997 was 10 years ago! 

And as you will know… every year I get this attitude of new year, new me! It only lasts a few days! It also happens at the ending of every month tho! Don’t panic! I will not make you have that attitude with me. Just listen to me and act supportive! It will go away! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

This time tho… I am not setting any goals like I usually do. This year I will have this attitude I am telling you about but I will try my best to keep it going! 

Mainly cuz I am exhausted. I am sooooo tired of the same thing. I heard on TV this saying “The good thing about hitting rock bottom is that there is only one way out. UP!” 

This is kinda where I am. You see? I have been waiting for you to appear in my life for a while now. I have been praying for you like I have never prayed before. I have been working on myself so that you will have NO DOUBT when we meet! 

I keep thinking that I am closer to you or closer to meet you every time I start falling for someone. I don’t fall for people super fast… I take my sweet time… as you will probably know… I don’t just fall for the average dude and I usually give it my all. 

Where in the heck are you tho SERIOUSLY?!? 

Am I that impossible to be with that you just won’t ask me out? Am I that terribly looking that it makes you double guess? 

Do you think that I will not fall for you and that’s why you don’t seem to ask me out? Am I not strong enough in my walk for you? Are these blogs making you scared? 

This time, my dear future husband, I making things a bit harder for you. A little pay back for making me wait this long!!! Just kidding. I just want to make sure I am not opening my heart to just anyone anymore. 

It hurts. 

I am soooooo used to it… it happens way too often. 

You see? I am just like any other girl… I fall for the texting or the nice words. 

The inside jokes and stuff…

I just keep thinking is you and then my bubble gets bursted by a guy who is not sure about me… a guy that wants nothing to do with me… a guy that likes my attention but doesn’t want my love. 

I keep thinking it might be YOU!!! 

This time or this coming year… I am gonna move differently. I am gonna move freely. I am gonna be the normal Esli… the brutally honest, the loving and fun BUT you will have to really LET ME KNOW IS YOU… I will not open my bruised and sore little heart to anyone until I know it’s you! 

Gosh!! I can’t wait to meet you!!!

I can’t wait to be your helper!!!

I can’t wait to give you all this love I have!!! 

I can’t wait to be yours!!! AND ONLY YOURS!!!! 

I can’t wait to do ministry with you!

I can’t wait to be the wife you have always prayed for! 

I can’t wait to be your #1 fan!!

I can’t wait to be your best encourager!!! 

I can’t wait to kiss your entire face!!!

I just can’t wait! 

And waiting sometimes hurts sooooo much!!! 

A Pastor (Adam Stadtmiller) a few days ago had a word for me he said:

“The Lord wants me to tell you that you don’t need a husband. You don’t need him BUT you deserve one! Stop acting like you need him! You are freaking amazing!” 

God is right! I mean I know He is God so He is ALWAYS right! 

I don’t need you right now! I am doing ministry very well without you! 

And one day I will get what I deserve!
Your future wifey


I can’t wait to have your last name. 

Does he like me?!Β 


Ah! The game! Isn’t so fun?! 

Like being in high school… you know… kinda depressing at times actually…

Sometimes it is fun tho… sometimes is fun to see how a guy acts all nervous around you and how he tries to figure you out. I mean who doesn’t like that attention! 

I know, I know… all guys are all different! 

And I also know that if he asks you out, buys you flowers or even flat out telling you… those can be good signs BUT what happens when the first signs are not super clear… 

It also depends what is his love language… it all changes when he is loving you in a language you do not know… that’s when it gets complicated. 

These are the VERY FIRST SIGNS of the possibility of the dude liking you… according to what I have noticed πŸ˜‰

If he wants to impress you…

Oh guys! They get super cute when they try to impress you. It can be anything from a hobby, his knowledge, his job, or even his looks. He will make sure you know he is the best at that thing! 

If he makes up excuses to see you EVEN WHEN IT IS NOT CONVENIENT FOR HIM…

You just know! When they try to see your face for even a few minutes… they can do all kinds of things to make it happen… they can get SUPER creative!!! 

If you are in the room and he usually looks at you to check your exact location…

This is actually a REAL thing. Studies have shown that when you are in a room full of people you will constantly look at that one person that makes you happy or the person that will ease any type of anxiety. Sometimes when you are in a room full of people and you see the crush you will constantly look to see where they are. You will modify your posture and even smile more. When the crush either leaves the room or disappears for a few minutes. You will find yourself with a little anxiety (a minimal one) trying to figure out where this person is and when is this person coming back… 

Guys are not an exception! Guys will check the room to see where you are… they might not come close to you all the time but they know where you are… if the guy is super comfortable showing his feelings… he might even smile at you when you catch him looking at you. That makes it extra sweet… if you ask me! 

If he checks on you during the day NOT JUST AFTER 9:30PM…

Guys… every guy not only the ones that are not saved… will get a little needy (let’s call it that way…) at night. They want attention usually from women at night… 

So if he is texting you during the day and not only at night the chances are that this guy is legitimately thinking of you during the day and not only at night when he is… you know… 

Oh and… If he is not texting you… I AM SURE HE IS TEXTING SOMEONE ELSE! That’s just how it is…

If he asks about your life…

Guys usually are the selfish kind… they will talk and talk and talk some more bout their own likes and dislikes… that’s pretty much how it is… but when a guy WANTS to hear about you… it’s a REALLY GOOD SIGN!!! 

It can be as simple as “do you like sushi?”

If he is studying you, he is asking questions… if he is studying you, you are important to him.

If he is not worried about showing his affection in front of others…

Guys will make sure other people know you are on his radar. Guys like to mark their territory. A macho thing if you wanna call it like that…

They will not care if others notice he is after your bones…

If he is super sweet and fun on the phone with you or when you are alone and super awkward almost as if he is embarrassed to be seen with you in front of others… that’s not so good! 

Girl, he is not worth your time… next guy! 

If he likes your selfie…

I know, it’s so dumb! But if a guy is just looking, thinking about liking you or kinda confused, he will act as if he is NOT following in social media… but of course he knows your every move… if the guy is BANANAS for you he will either like everything you post or for sure like your selfies… and the even more brave ones will comment on them! 

This is the whole thing with marking territory… like peeing all over your social media! I know… gross!

Ladies, this is just from what I have seen… there are guys out there that do not fit the “normal”… so don’t judge them to harsh… I just thought I would put together something for you to keep as a reference… this is what I use! 

I love you ladies!!! 

Don’t expect ANYTHING to happen!

Don’t expect ANYTHING to happen!

Did I get your attention?


Let me clear up what my title really wants to say… 


When we have a crush and even when we are dating someone… We (women) have the tendency to EXPECT way too much from the poor dude. 

It’s happens to me when I have a crush, I STUPIDLY expect stuff from the dude. And by stuff I mean… I don’t know… Hmm… Him wanting to do things with you, go places with you, his protection, encouragement, guidance… Gosh even for him AGAPE love you! 

I know I know!!! That’s their role!! I get it! 

(Read Ephesians 5:25) But can you really expect that from a crush? πŸ˜‘

Sometime we expect what we give… But we forget that sometimes THEY DON’T WANT WHAT WE GIVE… Get it?

Or can you really expect that from the guy you just started dating… Now if you are dating the guy and he is not showing you any of those things you that “expect” from your future husband… RUN!!! 

But if you are in the crushing stage and well he is just being himself… yet you are expecting those stupid expectations, YOU CANNOT GET MAD AT HIM!!! You cannot come to your girlfriends and vent because you expected stuff from him… That well let’s face it… Maybe HE DOESN’T WANNA GIVE YOU!

Remember that these posts are for my single ladies so married women, this might not FULLY apply to you!

Here is what I want you to take away from this post!

Don’t expect much from a human being… It is not fair. It is not realistic!



You can expect so much from HIM that you can even expect that He would die and rise again from death FOR YOU! HE ALREADY DID IT!!! It was done! 

You can expect from Him to understand why you cry without saying a single word… A human cannot do that!

You can expect from Him to know what are your deepest and DETAILED desires without saying a single word… A human cannot do that!

You can expect from Him to surprise you with what your heart needs without saying a single word… A human cannot do that! 





But put expectations on your Father… The King of kings… The Lord of Lords… THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE… He can do anything!!!! 

I love you!


PS. Sometimes it is GREAT not expect anything… It is then you don’t get hurt! 

Some of you had some questions…


So I have something I wanna talk to you about! 
Ok… I just hit my face with my phone… I accidentally dropped it on my face!…And I think my lip is bleeding! 

Yup! It’s bleeding…I can taste it! πŸ™Š

I write these blogs using my phone…


Ok so I had a conversation with a few sisters! 

Here are some of the questions I got this week! (From different ladies)… This blog might be all over the place…I hope you can follow me! 

So I usually ask… “How is your prayer going?!” The other day I got “well… I am not praying right now… The thing is that I have more than one guy in mind!” 

Ok… So… I can’t function like that. I cannot have more than one crush. And of course I never count Vin Diesel cuz well… He is not saved. I don’t think he knows Jesus. That’s the ONLY reason why it would never work for us! πŸ˜‰ (Hahahaha!)

But in all honesty, I cannot have a crush on two guys. It’s too much work for me and my feelings! 

So here is something I am about to say that I know I will get hate messages but I kinda have to say it…

I always say that a Godly man is not a flirty man. I always say that a Godly man is a one woman man! 

So… I think…no! I believe is the same way for women too! 

Now… Let me explain a little. 

I hear some of you say “well I see this characteristic I like in this guy and I like this about this other guy!” I get that! I really do! But here is the thing… You cannot call them crushes then! 

I believe that God can use some of our friends to show us some Godly characteristics that we might find attractive …but crushes?… Hmm… I don’t like it! 

Don’t fall for guys because they have only one characteristic that you love. You kinda have to like the bad and the ugly that the dude might have. 

Again… This is just my opinion! You can stop reading if you want to… But here is the thing…

Practice being faithful! Practice loving someONE who is never going to be perfect! Practice praying for one guy only!

And if you are really trying to figure out which guy is the lucky guy… Ask yourself this question: “Do I wanna be his helper?!” 

Look at Genesis 2:18

The Lord God said, β€œIt is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

Do you wanna spend your days helping him with life here on earth? 

Think about it! Cuz there are way too many cute ones out there but… Do you really wanna be his helper?! 

Then I heard two different ladies say “I don’t want to be in a relationship with anyone!… Not right now!” 

Good! Ok! That’s awesome! Way to go girl! Live your life and do ministry as much as you can! 

But then don’t be flirting with your brothers. Don’t be seeking their attention. Don’t be distracting them! Don’t be messing with someone else’s man! Not cool ladies! Not cool! πŸ˜‘

And here is a question that one of my adorable girls (when she came to visit me at home) asked me… 

“What if there is another girl following your list and praying for the same guy I am praying?” 

Here is what I have to say about that! 

Loving someone is all about self sacrificing… Dying to self! 

In all honesty, I would LOVE if there was another girl praying for my man! 

I like this guy SO MUCH that I would love for him to have more than just my prayers! I know he needs more than just my prayers. 

Here is the thing… I am not expecting to be rewarded with my man because of all the notes and the prayer list and the tons of prayers I pray. I am expecting for God to hear my prayers and help him be more and more like Christ! For him to find his walk with our Lord more and more enjoyable and exciting!! I want him to live a very adventurous life doing awesome things for our Father!!! And right now this is the only way I can help him!… By just praying! I am practicing being his helper by praying for him. That’s all I can do for right now! 

And the most important thing I am expecting with all this praying is that my heart changes! That my stupid ways change so that I can be more like my Father! 
I want you to want that too!!!! 

I love you ladies!!!

How to be a Godly single woman… and kick waiting in the butt!Β 


Do you wanna be a woman of God? Do you wanna be a Godly wife? A Godly girlfriend?

I hope your answer is yes!!! 

Haha I really do!!! 

I’ve heard from some of you that it’s hard to pray for a guy for 70+ days. I’ve heard that it’s hard to keep loving when the dude is acting the same or when nothing has changed about your guys relationship. I have heard is hard to hold on to hope. I have heard that this only praying thing is not working. I have even been told “why are you telling us to keep praying? If look at you, you pray and pray and you are still single?!” 

Oh if I could share the joys of ministry! Haha

Here is the thing…Or 5 things I wanna say tonight. I have been thinking about these for a while…

1) Stop thinking only about yourself.
News flash! This life is not about you!!!
If you are a true Christ follower, you would know that this life is not about you.

If you think that your guy, your boyfriend or your husband is there to make you happy and meet all your needs… Oh sis you are SO wrong!!! And probably super unhappy too!

This life is about JESUS!!!

We only have one mission. To go and make disciples! To baptize them! And to teach them to obey the commands! Your needs and desires are not part of the mission! 

I actually fear that you are using my list to expect your dude to change. I fear that you are using this as a check list of the things HE NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!! 

It was never intended that way!! It was intended to love your dude with prayer!! 

If you are always pointing out the things that your dude has to change… I am SURE!! Oh so sure that it is YOU the one that needs to change!!!! (But that’s just my opinion!)

2) His walk with the Lord is just as important.

The 70+ things I have in my list are things I saw I wanted to help my dude with but I knew that THERE WAS NO WAY I COULD DO ANYTHING TO HELP HIM WITH SO I STARTED PRAYING INSTEAD. 

No, I am not saying that every single thing in this list is stuff I feel he needs help with… I just really want to cover EVERY BLIND SPOT HE COULD POSSIBLE HAVE!!! 

3) If you can’t pray now, what’s the point?

Yes, 70+ days is a long time. 
I am not gonna lie! It’s hard to pray and pray and expect for God to do something and then feel like God is taking His sweet time. 

But here is the thing. If you are single, and you are NOT praying for your dude right now, if you don’t create a habit of praying, or if you create a love for praying and connecting with our Lord like this… How do you expect to do it or to start when you get married???!! Or when the kids come???!!! How?! 

4) Don’t just get convicted.

This is how I like to explain conviction.

Ok. I see my self in the mirror and I think. That’s it! Tomorrow, I am gonna go to the gym! I am eating healthy! I am saying “no” to ice cream!!! 

In my heart, I honestly made a decision!!! I honestly with all my heart repented of eating ice cream at night and I made a decision to be FIT! 

The tomorrow came and my crazy schedule (and my lazy butt) made it hard to go to the gym. I woke up late so I couldn’t prepare my healthy meals… And for dinner I had ice cream cuz it was too late to do something.

Can I call myself FIT? 

No right?! 

Even tho I made a heart felt decision, I cannot call myself FIT. 

Same with being convicted ABOUT BEING A GODLY WOMAN.

You can make the decision and really come to a heart moment and tell God, “Father, I am gonna be the kind of woman that You want!” BUT if you forget to read His Word, praying, serving your loved one, SACRIFICING YOURSELF, DYING TO SELF… Can you call yourself a Godly woman? 

The enemy loves it when we get convicted! HE DOES!!! What he hates is when we start doing something about it… 

He loves it when we get convicted because that’s his way to trick us into thinking that because we made a decision to change that makes us good… Clean… Godly! 

And we fall for it every time! 


God doesn’t just listen to anyone. 
He doesn’t! 

One of the verses I keep in mind always is John 9:31

“We know that God doesn’t listen to sinners. He listens to the godly person who does his will.”

Pretty simple right?

This is one of those moments when you need to have a talk with God and tell him what you have done and that you repent. Ask him to make you clean! A new creation! One of his children. And then… Until then…HE will listen to you! 


I love you ladies! 

Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing these blogs! 

The Prayer List is in my very first blog… so you might have to scroll down! πŸ˜‰

So there is this one guy… now what?

Oh ladies! Don’t you love when a new guy arrives to your life and makes everything EXTRA beautiful again?! Haha I do!!! 

I was thinking about this blog last night when I couldn’t sleep cuz I was talking to Daddy about this guy that just showed up in my life!!! And this guy is A MAN OF GOD!!!  

And he is cute too! Not like Vin Diesel cute but close there! Ok but enough about him! 

It’s an amazing feeling! New hopes! New experiences! New challenges! New lessons! And maybe… Maybe… MAYBE new forms of pain… Let’s be realistic here! Not that pain is exciting but it happens…

Let me explain… I don’t just develop crushes and move on very easily! (Unless is Vin Diesel, that dude has the title of my #mcm since high school and will keep happening until I meet my husband of course!) I actually stay with the same crush and wait and wait and wait some more! But while I am waiting I pray and pray and PRAY some more!!! Last crush I had lasted almost two years… 

I consider myself super loyal…and sometimes kinda dumb. For me to stop a crush I need Jesus to intervene. Literally…

The things you do in those first days you are developing that new crush are critical! It shapes your behavior about this new dude! It shapes your walk with Jesus too! It shapes where you put Jesus in the new relationship or whatever it’s called! So here are some things I do when I JUST met a new dreamy guy!

Thing #1


I know I know! I always say that! 

But if you didn’t pray there is no way you can act like you are supposed to! 

You need to have that guidance and peace that prayer can provide! 

Pray that God will open a door so that you can get to know him better and pray that He provides a way for you and him to do ministry together!!

God answered my prayer with my last crush. I asked for him to open a door for me to be closer with him and do ministry together! GOD LISTENED!!!! πŸ˜‰

*NOTE: if the guy is not actively doing ministry somewhere HE IS NOT THE ONE!

If you are not actively doing ministry somewhere YOU ARE NOT THE ONE! 

That’s just my opinion, if you don’t agree with me, let’s talk… Message me! πŸ˜‰

Thing #2

Stalk him.

“Esli, you said whaaaa?”

Yup! This is the only time I am gonna say it’s ok for you to stalk him a little!

Ask people about him. 

Some of the questions I ask are:

So what’s his story? (If people around him cannot tell you stuff about him that rises a red flag to me! The dude must acknowledge God with his life story and one way to do it is by telling how amazing God is with his story)

Does he have a girlfriend? (I am hoping that you already know that he is not dating anyone but sometimes you get a “I don’t think he has a girlfriend but I do know that he was hanging out with Sarah” that’s something to consider!!) 

Is he on fire for the Lord? (Other people’s view of that person count big time) 

Go to where he serves at church and watch him serve. Watch closely to see how he deals with people. Watch SUPER CLOSELY to see how he talks to other women… A man of God is not a flirty kind. A man of God is a one woman kind of guy. 

I always look closely how the dude acts around homeless people, people with disabilities, the elderly, animals and children. 

Social media, ohhh my favorite! Haha

People show their true colors on social media!!! Go ahead stalk a little, look at pictures, look at posts, loot at his comments, look at his friends, look at who he is following, do all that asking God for discernment! Sometimes the guy can be super cute that it’s so hard to listen to the Holy Spirit. 

Also! Be super careful not to “like” a picture from last year! That can be awkward!!! 

Don’t be a psycho tho! Let me say that again…


Thing #3

Re-direct your thoughts to Jesus when you find yourself thinking of the new dreamy guy! 

All I have to explain about this is…


Be super careful about planning your wedding with this new guy! Remember you are not dating yet!!! Relax!!! Enjoy the ride!! 

Thing #4

Start praying FOR him not just ABOUT him.

There is a HUGE difference about this one! Yes! talk to God about him, He likes that but also remember to pray FOR him!!! 

If you have no idea where to start with how to pray FOR him I have a list of things to pray… Last time I checked, I had 70+ things in that list!! 

The List was my very first blog I posted! πŸ˜‰

Ladies, I am excited for this new adventure! Haha 

And I am super excited about praying for this guy!!!! 😍❀️ 

And even more excited to see how this gets me closer to my first love… JESUS!!! 

Hey! I am just a message away if you need some prayer or some encouragement!!! I love you!!! 


What The List is NOT…


A lot of my girls misuse my list!

The List is NOT…

1) A promise that God will give you who you are praying for.

The List is to love the guy you are having feelings for. You praying for the guy is you being FOR him. You being FOR him before Gods eyes. You see? The enemy is constantly accusing you to our Father. What a great way to love someone that to come before our Father’s presence and intercede for him. 

2) For you to fix your guy.

The List is for GOD TO DO THE FIXING!!! You don’t go and text him The List or Bible verses so that can “get it”. You go on your knees and love the crap out of te guy. Let God do the changing. He is better at that! 

3) Only for him.

The List is to be prayed for both the dude and yourself! You want him to be Christ like?! YOU HAVE TO BE CHRIST LIKE!!!

Now you know! 

Don’t give up! Keep praying! 

The List

One day… two years ago… I had a crush on an amazing Godly man. 

I felt all kinds of butterflies in my stomach every time I saw him… big ones and small ones. 

And every time I saw him I wanted to kiss his entire face and just hold him until he couldn’t breath. Have you ever felt like that for someone?

I SOOOO wanted to love him but I didn’t know how to love him without him knowing… until I thought of the most amazing way to love a guy!

I created a list of things to pray for… a list of things to speak to God FOR him. 

We, women, usually pray to God complaining about the guy, trying to control de situation, and even trying to tell God what to do. So this list will teach you how to be FOR your “crush”. This list will help you how to love someone by praying for him… by you interceding FOR him so that he can be more like the person God created him to be. 

This guy and I never happened. 

But this list happened. And it has been the best thing that could ever happened. 

Now…close to 100 girls have prayed or are praying this list… 

I AM PRAYING THIS LIST. (There is a really cute guy in my world!) 

How does this list work? 

Every day you pray for something different in the list. You can either follow the days or just randomly pray! 

The important thing tho is that you ALSO PRAY FOR YOURSELF!!! 



Day 1. Pray that he is growing Spiritually right now.

Day 2. Pray that he is listening to God’s voice.

Day 3. Pray that his ( the guys’) will would be bendable. 

Day 4. Pray for his ministry.

Day 5. Pray for him to get ready for when you come along and you both can do ministry together.

Day 6. Pray for his emotional health.

Day 7. Pray for his physical health.

Day 8. Pray for him to break free from any addiction.

Day 9. Pray for his career.

Day 10. Pray for him to be responsible with his finances.

Day 11. Pray that The Lord prepares him to be a father.

Day 12. Pray for him to not get distracted by other girls that God is not intending to use for his growth.

Day 13. Pray for his identity as a man, his masculinity and self-esteem.

Day 14. Pray for God to allow him to see you the way God wants you to be seen (with God’s heart towards me). 

Day 15. Pray that he has a desire to disciple others.

Day 16. Pray that his friends are pushing him to Jesus.

Day 17. Pray that he has a Godly mentor.

Day 18. Pray that God prepares him for your family. (My family is interesting… That’s all I will say) 

Day 19. Pray that he would know and experience the power of prayer.

Day 20. Pray that he will have ambition for his life (specially for the kingdom). 

Day 21. Pray that he is a good friend. 

Day 22. Pray that he has an accountability partner that is correcting him Biblically.

Day 23. Pray that he tithes.

Day 24. Pray that he is okay with change.

Day 25. Pray that he is learning how to listen.

Day 26. Pray that he will care for others.

Day 27. Pray that he enjoys his time with the Lord.

Day 28. Pray that he doesn’t have a casual view of God.

Day 29. Pray that he is sensitive of your feelings.

Day 30. Pray that God is teaching him to take responsibility.

Day 31. Pray for him to have trials.

Day 32. Pray that he would be an achiever.

Day 33. Pray that someone is taking care of his blind spots while he is not with you.

Day 34. Pray that he has a desire to be generous. 

Day 35. Pray that he is compassionate to others.

Day 36. Pray that God will prepare him for when you are sick. 

Day 37. Pray that he is a blessing to his family. 

Day 38. Pray for God to teach him to stop plans or change plans if it is because someone needs help or ministry.

Day 39. Pray that God is teaching him not to compare himself to others but to Jesus.

Day 40. Pray for God to teach him to be less selfish.

Day 41. Pray for God to teach him to control his anger.

Day 42. Pray that God reveals to him the importance to keep himself pure. 

Day 43. Pray that God teaches him to be obedient. 

Day 44. Pray for God to help him to be aware of what entertains him.

Day 45. Pray for him to fear The Lord.

Day 46. Pray for God to take away any fear of failure.

Day 47. Pray for God to teach him to control the words that come out his mouth. 

Day 48. Pray for him to give his dreams and plans to Jesus.

Day 49. Pray for him to rest when it is time to rest.

Day 50. Pray for him to not get discouraged by silly criticism.

Day 51. Pray for him to learn from feedback.

Day 52. Pray for God to show him what The Lord wants for him in his helper.

Day 53. Pray for him to use his resources.

Day 54. Pray for him to take that big step he has feared.

Day 55. Pray for him to have peace.

Day 56. Pray for his passion and motivation to keep going so that he won’t get burned out.

Day 57. Pray for God to open his eyes to those who are good soil for his ministry.

Day 58. Pray for him to have a personal cheerleader while you are not with him.

Day 59. Pray that God will protect him from people that won’t do any good in his life.

Day 60. Pray for him to trust God.

Day 61. Pray that he doesn’t find joy in arguing. 

Day 62. Pray for no pride in his heart.

Day 63. Pray that God is teaching him to imitate Christ’s humility.

Day 64. Pray that he has joy with what God has already given him.

Day 65. Pray that God is teaching him to forgive.

Day 66. Pray for God to teach him to protect his reputation.

Day 67. Pray that God teaches him what being successful is really about.

Day 68. Pray that God is teaching him to be an authority that represents Christ.

Day 69. Pray that God is teaching him about the importance to obey Him.

Day 70. Pray that his faith increases.

Day 71. Pray that God will teach him to be thankful for what he has.

Day 72. Pray that God will teach him how to focus.

Day 73. Pray that God gives him a desire to serve those who are under his leadership.

Day 74. Pray that God takes any fear of commitment away from his mind. 

Day 75. Pray that God helps him forget of any memory that is stopping him from being the man of God created him to be.

Day 76. Pray that God will protect his dreams at night.